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  1. Hello, how are you doing? I hope great! I have enjoyed your website immensely and have read much of your stuff! I want to respond to a comment made on human sacrifice and The Order of Nine Angles! Like your answers to many frequently asked questions it is not as simple to simply state that The Order of Nine Angles condone human sacrifice. They do not condone simply grabbing a human for the sake of sacrifice. There is a long and arduous process to selecting a victim. It is said that the victim actually selected themselves to be sacrificed by failing many tests of character! It is not some whim that a Opher is selected. It is a carefully selective process. I have read many sites as yourself who view or tend to view The Order of Nine Angles human sacrifice as simply killing anyone and that's far from the truth. When I started reading literature from ONA I was amazed on their point of view on human sacrifice. The reasoning on selecting a victim is that there are many humans that are gross in their character. Qualities such as cowardice, sycophants, fear, treachery, lack of self discipline as being qualities to become a victim to the sacrificed. Imagine what you would fantasize on being alone with a child molester or rapist, or anyone who lacks any character. The world is overpopulated with many a disgusting character who should be eliminated from the roster of human beings. Imagine someone you love getting killed by someone out of spite. Wouldn't you dream of having that distasteful character alone! I would personally enjoy it... Every minute of my tortures. So if by stating human sacrifice... I've touched on some of the reasons why The Order of Nine Angles condone human sacrifice but there are many more so I suggest you read some literature especially on human sacrifice so you'll get a well rounded view on their reasoning behind human sacrifice... I come to you with much respect and hope to hear from you soon. You can respond here or email me at Have a wonderful night! Hail Satanas... Eamon5150